Dec 21, 2007

Vain Inc. Magazine Introduction

Hello lovelies! Our blog so far is kind of empty, so I thought I would take an opportunity to give you some information about the magazine.
To date, Vain Inc. has published 4 issues of the magazine. The last issue really took off, and we have decided to expand. We are making plans for a headquarters, and we are coming up with some really great ideas for the next issues like special "Best of" lists, features on top notch designers in Second Life, and more! Vain covers all the aspects of SL ,we want to write about it all.
We also recently brought on a new "urban reporter" of sorts by the name of Nykki Heartsdale. She's our first hired reporter. Look for her first article on neko goodies coming out soon.
So stay with us, we have a lot planned. Next month is the Valentine's issue, so that will be fun, too. If you haven't signed up for the Vain Inc. group, you can put it in a search and join for all of the updates. Take care!


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