Jan 31, 2008

Welcome Emery

Recently I was out and about doing some shopping, and I was given a landmark for a store I had never heard of. Most of the time when you get a random landmark, it takes you to some random store floating out in the air with poorly made dresses for 300L each. But not this time!
This time I ended up in a store called Emery, and as soon as everything started rezzing I could tell this was not an ordinary store. The building was beautiful, the location was lovely, and when I went to look at the clothes - OMG! The clothing located at this store is such high quality, and it has a wonderful upscale-urban feel to it. From 80s inspired shirt-dresses with tights, to quirky message tees, this place has it all for the girl looking to get great clothing at an affordable price.
That's not all, though. Oh no. There are also some photorealistic skins, superb accessories, and an entire side devoted to men's clothing. Yay! I know it's hard for you guys to find nice clothes in Second Life after all this time, but this place is definitely A+ for me. You know I enjoy the preppy punk look for guys, and this place surely delivers on that. Emery has also been kind enough to set up shop over at Vain Inc. Men, giving you another location to check out the guy's line.
I also got to sit down with the owners, Sunami Beck and Serjordan Bonetto, and they are really awesome people. So you can't ask for a better combo than some of the best clothing the game has to offer, along with owners that are among the friendliest and trendiest people out there.
Emery has a blog you can check out as well, so you can keep up to date with the details of their current and future products. http://www.emerylover.blogspot.com/ So go shop and enjoy it, and remember who sent you! =)


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