Mar 9, 2008

Attention Designers! LM Hopping Egg Hunting Invite!

To All the Designers!!!
We would like to invite you to participate in Grid Wide Easter Hunt...
How it works,
It's LM hopping and Egg Hunting... Not in one Sim or one store..
First stop will be let's call it "Base" where they get there first Egg with Goodies and LM for a next store... They Hop the LM go to next store find an Egg with Goodies there and LM for a next store they have to go to... and so on…
This will be fun and adventurous no one Sim Lag or not letting people to even come on to the Sim if it's full... It will bring traffic numbers up in all participating stores...
The Hunt will be highly advertised within Vain Inc. Fashion Con and all the participating stores Groups...(we encourage all participants to advertise in there group)
All you have to do is get one Yummy present ready and set it up in Provided Egg add LM to the next store (will be provided)... Easy breezy!. Tada! You done.

If you are interested in participating Please return this card to Toko Voom with LM for your store (name card LM Hopping) ... and we will start making the train.. The Hunt will last 2 days Easter Sunday And Easter Monday... 23-24 of March.
Let's Come Together;)hehehe


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