Mar 13, 2008

Feeling Fierce

Today I felt fierce, decided to put on some leather, wrap my snake Diesel around my neck and go explore a little! Lets face it, many designers use leather in their collections, yes mostly in their winter and fall collections since it’s not intended for warm environments but we are on SL and any season can be found!

Like all fashion there is a right and wrong time to wear it as well as a right and wrong way. In RL you would catch me dead wearing leather from head to toe but on SL there are some magnificent full leather outfits that just simply look great. If it’s too overdone it can be just wrong, unless you are going to some S&M club.
A good fit can make all the difference between looking elegant and looking scary. Men and women sporting the correct leather look, exude confidence, strength and sophistication.

If you are not the type to wear a full head to toe leather outfit don’t forget little leather can go a long way toward making a positive statement. Keep it simple with clean lines and stick to no more than two focal pieces. Also don’t get it with lots of zippers or stitching.
So come on rock star it’s time to branch out and get some leather wear that will make more of a statement and the good part about this on SL is we don’t have to feel bad for the animals!!
Until next time
Q. xo

Skin: Last Call
Hair: BP
Piercing: Aitui
Gloves: Domoco
Diesel the snake: Zooby
All outfit & boots: Abyss


Toko Voom said...

Wait what's the snaks name? is it like actor? Van Diesel? HAHHA you know i named my horse Brad Pitt;) hahahhah

Queenie Ella said...

LMAO I named it Diesel cause that day I was really liking my Diesel shirt that I had forgotten about...and as far as Bratt Pitt well tell him I'll get him a girlfriend named Angelina. Maybe they can have lots of babies too..what do you think?! LOL

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