Apr 30, 2008

The FAB prefab!

Miss Faint Paulse has done it again, she has now launched her first prefab which I must say is pretty amazing. I have always wanted something well built inwold but yet original. Not many times I seemed to be happy with that I was looking for. BUT this lady sure has made me happy with this one! The detail and attention in her work is unbelievable. Here is some info on this fabulous prefab I just purchased.

Eagle 5 is equipped with tinted windows. Click the lighinabox on the
counter and select one of 10 shading options. Try 100% for sexy time
or 0% for a breezy day. Though it was originally built as a skybox,
the Eagle 5 looks beautiful floating just above water.

The picture window and the center wall with 7 canvases are all modify.
This way you can change the art to any texture of your choice. Just
drag and drop the texture from your inventory to the front face of the
window or canvas.

The sculpted bed is menu driven. Sit on the pillows and select jump,
read or sleep.The seats at the counter each contain a different animation. (Eagle 5
makes a GREAT OFFICE!). It's even got a PC where you can shop online
or play SL.

Upstairs in the bubble garden, the tile floor is also a trap door.
Click it once and it opens (becomes phantom), so you can fall through
to the lower level. Click it again and it's solid. Each bubble chair
also contains a different animation and comfy, sculpty cushions.
(In all, there are 12 different animations in the Eagle 5.)

The Eagle 5 is a total of 208 prims, including all decorative features
from the lightinabox to the ceiling fan and light fixture to the lily
in a vase at the doorway.

SOO do your part to reduce emissions and stop grid-warming by purchasing
the eco-friendly virtual home: the 120 Eagle 5 Spaceliner

See it in world at Corona Del Mar!
http://shop.onrez.com/Faint_Paulse OR SLexchange

It worth going to take a look, trust me!

*Pictures property of Faint Paulse*


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