Apr 11, 2008

It's all about E. Watkins

I have no idea if this store has been blogged about or not, And if it was i think it's worth doing it again!!

I think i can go on and on about shirt witch comes in rage of colors and even in transparent option (for naughty you)! But everything is worth mentioning pants, gloves, poses ... Whole outfit is from the store!! one stop ;) you got it and pick up some 1L poses while you at it. Oh oh and before I forget Free AO too mmmmmmmm I had fun!! I don't think you have to have a horse to wear the outfit huh? And since I'm soo bad on accessories the only thing I add is a freebie "T. Cinquetti Whip" IM me if you need one hahah
Oh darn my next purchase from there is the Uniform!!
SLURL to E.Watkins - go wild!!
Hair: ETD - Gwen
Skin: GG Couture (can't get my self out of it)


Dot Lane said...

One of the things I liked best about E. Watkins was the hair integrated into different hat styles: http://dotlane.blogspot.com/2008/01/clockwork-orange-on-dot.html

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