Apr 30, 2008

It's all Digit baby!

We had these outfits in the Vain Inc. One Year Fashion Show and I want to blog on them. Not only are they wonderful and hawt but I just think Digit Darkes did such a great job. So here they are!

This is the fabulous Determined Coat in Black its worn with the Affair Slip Dress in Silver/Black , the sheer open front cinched coat is fastened at the side with the Digit Darkes double D logo in silver. The train of this coat glides elegantly behind you and the stunning addition of the Affair Slip Dress underneath is just a divine look that can be worn on intimate occasions or out and about as intended to collect many admiring glances.

The Antigua in Carribean invokes images of moonlit walks along the beach and watching the sunrise in the arms of a lover, the billowing skirt again open fronted is a wonderful pastel floral print in silk , clasping at the front with the signature Double D , the panties and top of this wonderful creation can be used as lingerie or swimwear so those moonlit strolls can turn into heating up the surf.

Reflection is a floor length V-neck Gown with sequin bodice and lace skirt, the print is divine in this gown and the open front allows for sensual flow and movement when dancing or making that grand entrance. Its cross over back drapes down and caresses the skin, its a masterpiece for all formal occasions.

This dress is named GossipGirl because there is one in all of us , Digit Darkes created the Party Dress to stop people in their tracks , want tongues wagging then enter your next event in this dazzling collection of glittery ruffles, a combination of 80's tier and 20's flapper a babydoll that screams Girly.

'till next time
Q. xo
*Pictures taken by Turlututu Chaffe*


Toko Voom said...

darn it i want that coat on first page i Didn't find it that day *cryes!!!
Great Job looks amazing btw!!

Sasy Scarborough said...

The determined coat and the reflection dress arent released yet, they will be once Digit is happy with them ( I have been very happy with the coat since January so Toko I feel your pain )

Nice Descriptions lol

xox Sasy xox

Vain Inc. said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Tell Digit release it NOW!!! *me rolls on the floor from pain of fashionista withdrawl!!! lol Ty Sasy:,(

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