May 21, 2008

Gritty Kitty: All Kinds of Sexahness

It has been a good long while since I've done any blogging. Today is the big comeback for me to the blog, and soon the magazine, and what better way to start than by posting some delicious pictures of a hot boy?

Anyhow...Recently I was down in Koreshan visiting one of my favorite shops - Gritty Kitty. I've been going there since my first week online, and it always gets better and better. So much so, that I have officially decided that GK makes my favorite hair for boys EVER. I know when my guy grunges out and puts on one of these wispy, "scene" styles, I usually flood the place with omgs and drool. A few particular styles caught my eye especially, and I figured that these are definitely worth sharing so that you all can have hot boyfriends, too. Or if you're already a guy, then maybe you can just go make yourself hot instead. =)

Uhura-gaz is a really good hair for that devious rocker look.

Kobra Kai, one of the newest releases, is perfect for that "I don't care" skater look. The bandana is color change via script, also, so you can always match!

Czech Mate, another new release, oozes mysterious hottie. Ohhh my.

If you're in need of a "casual" look, invest in the Davinchi Load with colorable knit cap. Lots of colors to choose from for a no fail look.

Maybe you're into a fun look? Try Flynn, with color change script on the headband for any wacky yet sexy look.

Maine is an excellent hair for a vibrant, younger look, but once again still sexy. Hair includes attached visor, but it is NOT color change.

Hopefully you've been persuaded to bring all kinds of sexahness into your other life. Head onward to Gritty Kitty, and have fun.

Model: Faadal Mokeev

Skin: The Abyss

Eyes: The Body Politik

Tattoo: Aitui

Piercing: Magika

Pants: Armidi

Belt: Redgrave

Shirts (in order): Ducknipple, Cream Shop, Ambush, Rave Nation, Ambush


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