May 18, 2008

Kitties Lair - German Fashion Week

I love the style from Kitties Lair. I have some shoes and Boots from her. But i think her clothes a great too. I wear the dress *KL* Minidress Grold. I looks very sexy.:) The goldtextur is realy brilliant. The dress is available in four colors (black,white,red and gold). I cost only 230 Linden. Little money for so much style.

The shoes *KL* Highheels vitage gold are from Kitten Lair too. I think a little bit sxity style. You can get this shoes in silver, gold, black and in a leopard optic. The price from this shoes are 290 Linden.

you can get all this stuff on the german fashion weeks. Ceck it out!

Skin: PXL LINDA DARK (available today)

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