May 16, 2008

lessthan3 <3

I want to say a big CONGRATS to my dear friends Nykki Heartsdale and Faadal Mokeev for opening their second "lessthan3<3" location today at the Vain Inc. Plaza ( They just started out a month ago and have been nothing else but succeeding as new upcoming designers. I want to share with you what you can not only find at this store but also their newest releases!

These are the Circus Girl Skins. they are fantasy inspired makeup with an antique doll flair. Each skin tone has it's own unique, skin-tone-complimenting makeup.

These are the Scene Couture Skins. Haute Couture runway style meets the "scene" style of makeup. I find these so fun and funky! Regular clean and traditional makeups also available. All skins available in singles or fatpacks.

Here you see me almost nakid (WOOT!) wearing their new release tattoo Fables. It is the song lyrics from folk metal band Fair To Midland, written in an elvish style font in underwear layers.

This is a freebie tank so go get it! lessthan3<3 also offers realistic shapes, male skins (in version 1, version 2 coming soon), eyes, clothing, and fun trinkets. For boys and girls. Here is where you can find their main location .
Have fun!

*Pictures property of lessthan3*


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