May 12, 2008

Made out of steel

That's right people, I'm not only Pixel I'm also made out of steel! I have been wanting to blog about this dress for a while now, just never seem to find the time. I took a few quit snaps (yes I know they are bad!) because I really wanted to show this outfit and this wild hair.

This dress is from *Tres Jolie* and it doesn't come cheap, if I remember right I payed about 1200L but I couldn't restrain myself. I found it to be very original and very detailed. I like the fact that I didn't see everyone wearing it. I also have to add that I have been having problems with a lot of dresses I have been buying because of my AO. My hips just moves too far to the side which makes my outfits look silly, and I'm not one to want to start modifying everything. Bottom line, I was very happy this wasn't happening with this one! It just flows right if you know what I mean. And the hair, how wild is this hair?! I just love it!


Hair: *AVZ* Parallel Hair (Jet Black)
Piercing: *Magika* Piercing 6
Gloves:*Domoco* Stub gloves Black
Boots:*Storm Schmooz* Bot's black
Outfit: *Tres Jolie* Une femme de Fer


Anonymous said...

I own the same dress, and you mistaken about the price, it was more like 4000L.

Regardless of the price, it is quality work from a lovely designer.

Queenie Ella said...

LOL thank you Sunshine....I remembered it being alot just completely forgot. OMG I can't believe I payed that much!! haha

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