May 31, 2008

WOW!!! BOOTS !! The new Bax ankle boot

WOW! New Boots from Bax Coen! Bax Coen is known for her high quality boots. Her latest work is a ankle boot. For me, this shoe is a "must have"! This footwear is so changeable that its almost every outfit fits.

You can wear the boots with and without top lace. The colors of the top lace can be changed. There are prescribed colors but also custom colors can be selected.
The colors of the heels, eyelet, strings, tip and sole can also be changed. You can changed the metal too( gold or silver).

Walks, sound and fitting options are also available. All settings are provided via an easy-to-use menu controls. And it is really easy!! The Bax Ankle boot have copy option, so you can define different styles and then save.

The opportunities of these Boot are really stunning. Check out the images and get the demo. you are certainly thrilled! ! Oh yes! Ankle Boot on Sale 12 PM SLT today :-))

Here again the Shop Address
Bax Coen on the German Fashion Weeks


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