Jun 20, 2008


A new copybot is hitting the grid which will duplicate an avatar.Spotted on Onrez sim,
kulton Short was selling a copybot which allows the user to duplicate an avatar's clothes, skin, attachments and even their profiles!
kulton was asked for a demo of the product and he obliged with an alt account - Popper Washborne - who within three seconds had duplicated Charlotte Bartlett's clothing and skin. Another couple of minutes, and her prim attachments would have been duplicated too.
Additionally, as can be seen above, her profile was also duplicated.
In-depth on the Avatar copy:
Prim attachments: Yes
Skin: YesShape: Yes
Groups with open enrollment: Yes
Interests: Yes
Picks: No
Classifieds: No
SL and RL profiles: Yes
You do not have to be near the avatar for this copybot to work, but on the same region. All the copied components (this includes the textures on the sim) will be copied with FULL permissions into their inventory.Please pass this message on to other SL users and raise awareness of this.
::Prad Prathivi::


Anonymous said...

WTF!!!!??? WHAT's LL gonna do about this..its just so WRONG WRONG WRONG....Maybe we need 100 AR's on anyone caught selling it..or maybe someone should copy some Lindens...see how THEY like it.

Sans said...

Yeah I got hit with this copybot version in Dernier Cri a few weeks ago. A group of friends tp'd in and AR'd the avatar doing it. They disappeared from Search People quickly, but looks like this is here to stay :(

Hypatia Callisto said...


vote for it

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