Jun 25, 2008

The Soft Touch

How many of you have an inventory full of skins that you don't ever wear? Raise your hand. *me raises both hands* It gets kind of annoying sometimes when you think you've found the perfect skin for yourself, then the week after, you regret that you spent that $1200 only to end up realizing you look like a transvestite. O.o Yeah, well, look no further! Morgana Hilra is here to save us.
Morgana owns Soft Touch skins, and let me tell you - there is no softer looking skin in world. She was kind enough to send me a pack of skins yesterday called Imajen Friendship. I tried them on and immediately my mouth was agape. These skins are so beautiful, so soft, and so sensual looking. They are the types of skins that you can wear everyday with your jeans, and they are the types of skins you can wear with your giant fluffy ball gowns and look completely fabulous either way.
Most of Morgana's skins come in 4 makeups, with 2 pubic hair options..AND...you can buy all of her skins for UNDER 1000L! It's not often you can find such an amazing deal on such high quality. So gather up your L and go see her, and buy all of her skins because chances are, you won't be able to pick just one.

Imajen Friendship skin by Soft Touch Skins
From Bottom to Top: Rose, Rich, Rain, and Gold
Due to be released this coming Friday.


~Soft Touch Skins & Designs~ said...

\o/ ty hun, you totally rock!

xoxo Morgana Hilra

Vixie Rayna said...

ooh nykki thanks for sharing these awesome skins!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG!!I totally LOVE ALL Morgannas' skins!! She is SO talented and really has the "touch". All I wear are "Soft Touch Skins" and you will not believe the number of men AND women that ask me where I got my skin!!!! Think I am gonna change??? HECK NO!! Y'all get your behinds down to Soft Touch Skins! :))
I am known as "Diane Poppy" in SL.

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