Jun 10, 2008


Another creation from the mind of Nykki Heartsdale. Yes, it's time to post my outfit of the day. I can't do this everyday, because some days I wear the same outfit over and over (I must smell, I know), but I will give you something fun here and there so you don't have to wear the same ole' boring outfits from the same ole' boring places. teehee.

Today we have a farm inspired get-up, mixed with a little urban vibe I guess. Maybe it's more car mechanic mixed with farm girl hat. You be the judge. Either way, I look totally adorable. I wanna put me in my pocket and show me off to everybody, saying "Awww look at my little pocket Nykki!" =D

This outfit is comprised of these parts:

Hat - **DP**yumyum

Hair - MMS Hair (can't link you, cuz I think it's closed, I dunno, but I can't get there right now to LM it)

Skin - MMSkins Gen. 2 (see above)

Bra - Intimizzio at Armidi

Farm outfit - Ay yai yai (and it's like 1L, along with a whole box of other goodies)

Rainboots - Urban Bomb Unit


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