Jul 13, 2008

Monta Pt. 12


By Monta Horan

Skin: Laqroki - Keith Olive (06 Portrait skin)
Hair: MiraiStyle - Pipy (Brown)
Shirt: sey - nel-shirt (Purple) 
Jeans: Nylon Outfitters - Damanged Mens Jeans - Med
SunglassesArmidi Gisaci - Lifestyle Aviators (White Gold)
Paper bag: ::69:: - Paper Bag (not for sale)
Necklace: B@R - Nellie Mixed Necklace 

My fashion style of today is a hippie style ;)) The paper bag is a group gift, and, to our regret, not for sales.


Catero said...

Monta, you're brilliant.

Monta Horan said...

Thank you, catero :))

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