Jul 19, 2008

MUSA ARTIS. 'Temptation & Revenge' Grand Opening

Musa Artis: 'Temptation & Revenge' will open Sunday, July 27th at 12 noon SLT with a toga party.

Musa Artis: Temptation & Revenge is a new exhibition that began life as a project penned for Second Life’s Fifth Birthday celebrations but developed into a larger independent exhibition. The central theme explores two of the darker influences on human nature and how these have been worked into the fabric of mythology. Drawing influences ranging from ancient Greece through to Celtic and more modern subcultures, each individual exhibit features a display of images, worked into the environment by each artist helping to contextualise the subjects depicted.

Musa Artis is a group of artists formed during the conception of the Temptation & Revenge exhibition in 2008, which came together due to a commonality of interests and philosophies regarding art within Second Life and were determined to create successful collaborative work in an independent fashion, free of the regulatory interference of either event organisers or gallery promoters. Temptation & Revenge represents their first in world collaborative project.

Visitors are very much encouraged to take their time exploring the individual exhibits and the ambience of the natural settings, interacting with the scenery to create their own custom images.

This exhibition includes work by:
Keeran Blackadder, Ganymedes Costagravas, Raul Crimson, Cerdwin Flanagan, Zinc Karas, Khamudy Mannonen, Pilgrim Miles, Keiko Morigi, Silverdrake Sparrow.

The opening reception and toga party begins at midday on Sunday 26th July, with music provided by guest DJ Arahan Claveau.

Exhibition photostream -

Principle Contact: Khamudy Mannonen
Alternatively, contact the artists in-world or through their Flickr profiles.

I look forward to seeing you there,

Sincerely on behalf of Musa Artis,
Khamudy Mannonen


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