Jul 24, 2008

Nadja´s Style the new PXL Skin Crys- preview

Hart Larson from PXL Creations make a update from his Skin CYS Light. Also he make an new sunkissed version of Crys. You see Crys Light on the fist pic and the sunkissed version on the second pic. The Skin are available soon.

Crys is available in 2 skintones and they come in 5 eye makeups and 6 lip colours. They all come with black and brown eyebrows and with and without freckles. Special with the Crys range is the emo line. A separate small series of 2 different eye make ups (deep eyes & messy eyes) and 3 different lipcolours. All skins @ PXL Creations are modifiable, so you can adjust them to your personal preferences.

- Crys skins singles sell at L$ 1500 (that is 4 skins really, black eyebrows with, and without freckles & brown eyebrows with, and without freckles)
- All eyes in one lip colour sell at L$ 5000
- All lipcolours in one eye make up cost L$ 6000

The body have great details and looks very real! The Skins from Pxl Creation are one off my farovite skins . My avi looks stunning in this Skins.

Check it out!!

Taxi zum PXL Mainstore

Skin: PXL crys
Hair: LH_hair13_rabi _black_f_L
Arden Madison (LightBlonde) Skull
Lingerie: Insolence Leia Beige


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