Jul 9, 2008

Reminders For Free Ads & Readers Style!

***Reader STYLE!!****

Next issue of Vain Inc. our 12th Issue!!!

So here is your chance to be in the magazine!!!** our way of thanking you !!!**
The Rules are simple! We want to see our readers personal style , anything you got URBAN, CLASSY, DIRTY lol!!

1.Snap a picture of yourself in your fav outfit .
2. List everything you got on.
3. Put your full Name
4. Make a note card, name it Vain Style - Your Name (make sure to name it that, so it's easy for me to find)
***Note Card should have picture/list of everything you are wearing / your name!!!!
5. Send your note card to Toko Voom
6. Wait for issue 12th to see if your style made it in !!!

Due Date 20th!!! I will not take any note cards after.

Edited pictures are ok... size don't matter ... the higher quality the better


Yes our Issue 11 is out!!! And we are working on our anniversary Issue!!!
To Thank you ALL for support and blah blah blah...

***Free Ads in Vain Inc. Issue 12!!***

But here is the catch!

Since I belive Ads Are ART!! not every ad will make it in...
You have to unleash your inner crazy artsy you or hire someone to do it for you hehehhe And come up with GORGEOUS!!! WACKY anything ad that will catch my eye!!! and you are in!!!

Oh... of course our previous advertisers go in with out contest;) just 'cause we cool like that!! and we lorve them...

OK here is the boring stuff:
All due by 25th Of July

2 Page Size 3400x2200 pxl
1 Page 1700x2200 pxl
half 1700x1100

Format JPEG, PSD or PDF
Resolution 72pixl/inch

please email ads to nosiks@gmail.com or vainincsl@gmail.com

All info about Advertising IM Toko Voom

Can't wait to see them!!!


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