Jul 11, 2008

Beachwear & Lingerie and Footwear EXPO

wow .. only one day .. and two big fashion events will start. One is the "Footwear" expo with more than 60 designer. They start at 9 Am Slt. I wish phoenix and her team good luck for the start. I think i will go often to this expo :D i am a shoe freak.

And there is my own "Beachwear and Lingerie" Expo on Vanity Universe. We start at 11 Am SLT. More than 40 international Designer are waiting with present their existing and new products to those visiting the fair. The designer present Beachwear & Lingerie for men and women. i am very curious. Not all both are finish..:-)

i think we all have a lot of fun at both expos.And after the two weeks we all bankrupt. :-)



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