Sep 3, 2008

F*ck Me Boots

oooo somebody shoot me I'm sooo blogging the same pants twice!!!
Yep Still Love them! Love my New Skin I'm addicted to (going to get more) ...

But the Spot light is on this babies!! BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent
*growls* sexy as hell you will not want to get out of them!!!

Hair: AOHARU -Momo

Skin: Karamia -MiA- Bombshell

Eyes: YIPs - dreamsky eyes - Free

Top1: Sweetest Good-bye - Herangsa - Charcoal

Top2: Sweetest Good-bye - Happy Mania - Pink (ribbon)

Pants: Sweetest Good-bye-Bombom

Tights: G.L.A.M. - Gold Lycra Tights

Gloves: Ghost (I believe there is still a store in GLAM WORLD) - From Valle Dark Dress

Boots: BAX - Ankle Boots Black Patent

Earrings: Gold Hoop Earrings -have no idea where I got them and can't find creator:(


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