Sep 17, 2008

Reminder Less then a week left

Just a reminder!! We've already got some wonderful submissions!! TY TY (let me know if download doesn't work for you)

You work hard putting posts together reporting on latest fashion and news of SL™ community. Vain Inc. Wants to put a Spotlight over you!!! You deserve it!!

Vain Inc. Will have Blogger appreciation issue next month and we want you to submit your page!!!

Basic Info plus pictures of your favorite things , be it clothing, furniture,places even avatars!!

Here is PSD file as a template download - you can change background make it your own!! Add pictures and anything you want just Show off!!! (Keep "stats" and "blogger spotlight")

After you done email it SEND or SEND you can also Skype™ it over to Toko.Xenia

You have till 22nd of this month!! to do so have fun!! and if you have any question IM TokoVoom


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