Sep 16, 2008

Weeks ago I saw a stunning fashionshow by Ewing Fashion Agency (see the pic´s). The models presented the beautiful creations from Amanda Bolereo. After the show i invited amanda quick to the Glamour Expo (begin 27 Th. september).
Last week showed the InStyle Fashion Agencythe the new autumn/winter collection form Amanda. On the pic i wear two of this new outfits.

The first one is a elegant corsage dress with a very nice Tüll shirt. The outfit CAN CAN is available in 4 colors.
At the second pic i wear the outfit RETE. The outfit comes complete with the hat.

The new fall collection is until the 21 th september only available at MIMI'S CHOICE. Visit also the mainstore from Amanda too... there are all her other Creations.

Amanda Bolero Mainstore


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