Oct 14, 2008

&Bean Blogging Fun

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Keiko Morigi, designer of &Bean. Yes I said last Thursday, but I had a computer issue, and this is late. But I loved the things that Keiko gave me so much, I couldn't just trash the pictures and forget about it. They kind of just yell out that they need to be talked about and photographed.

Keiko recently moved into the Vain Inc. White Square in Joomos, filling her store with some of the most amazing items I've seen this year. There are lots of funky, stylish tops, an array of lovely scarves, and the cutest little skirt to ever be blogged!

So if you're in search of something that will get you attention and make you look fabulous, go pay Keiko a visit in Joomos, and splurge all of your money away on something you'll wear more than once or twice.

Items from top to bottom:
AH SHUSH I Know It's A Heart
3 of the many options of scarves
Dimple Butt
What I Wear
Shortie But Goodie Brown


Vain Inc.. Design by Exotic Mommie. Illustraion By DaPino