Oct 29, 2008


So I think we all know how much I enjoy skins. I think I might buy one everyday, if not more. Most of which I never even wear again, but hey, we all have our addictions, right?
Luckily for me, Brutus Martinek has recently put together some absolutely amazing skins that can feed my addiction, but they're also skins that I'll wear all the time. So win win for everybody!

makeups shown: [pale] chelsea-ann, toko, and vixie

Brutus is truly a skin genius in my book. Since she gave me the first preview copy, I fell in love with her unique take on the Splendor bases, loving how she'd redone the face completely and added her own various bits and pieces to the bases. She finally perfected and now you, too, can enjoy these masterpieces at Bru's shop, located in Mangakino at 36, 171, 29.

makeups shown: [natural] arienette, astral, nykki

With 3 tones to choose from - pale, natural, and tan - and custom matched makeups for each tone, you're sure to find something to suit your taste at Pididdle.

makeups shown: [tan] azkadelia, pomme, yuuko


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