Oct 4, 2008

To Be Trans., or not to Be Trans.

I have been pondering this for quite a long while and would love to address this issue here.
I've noticed that in the last year most designers are changing perms on their clothing to mod/copy No trans, and I recall the good ol' days of mod/trans no copy items. For me personally I am a bit sad that when i purchase something it can no longer be transferred. I loved being able to give clothing that i didnt want anymore to newbie's, or to be able to resell the item ... get a little linden.. and go back to get the newer items that were available. NOW i can only send old clothes to my ugly little trash can :(... Granted I do see the value in having items be copy/mod...... when speaking of things like Homes (large builds in particular) I will not purchase them without mod/copy no trans perms.. unless i intend to resell the land i place them on with the objects... (really how often does that happen).... and for a prim skirt that i just cant seem to fit properly.. or a hair (which these have almost always been no trans from the start so i am accustomed to it)which i wish to recolor to my shade of green (almost always..lol)... a copy/mod/ no trans is the easiest solution.
I do miss the ability to transfer my clothing purchases.... and have as a result not changed my clothing perms since the open of my stores in May 06... they are and will remain mod prim/no copy/yes trans.... unless i get a special request for a copy/no trans item. I might be a bit off.. when everyone is following the no trans trend.. but heck.... if you want it no trans.. just ask (lol).. but i'm going with my gut... I want you to share the love... pass to a newb.... sell for linden... and come back to buy more!!! (giggles)
I'm curious though.. how do you feel about this? How would you like to have your clothing purchases? What is the best for you?
Photobucket "me in my NO TRANS Armidi shirt and hair.... sigh..."


efemerabisiani said...

Oh lord, give me copy/no trans all the way!!! Least that ways the chance of SL eating the item is reduced, plus I can make a backup just in case it still goes walkabout, and I don't need to worry about mucking up an edit.

Girl I know lost the ENTIRE contents of her clothing folder once - it's made me VERY wary of inventory loss. Heck, I've lost a couple of no copy items myself over the last couple of wks. Thankfully, one the creator was kind enough to replace, the other I'd already made a backup of.

khitten said...

I totally agree that clothing, in particular, should be transferable. I prefer this more than the ability to make copies.

Making clothes transferrable would certainly help keep inventories more managable. People could give away those items they no longer use or need. They could have clothing swaps! It can also help to keep designs and designers in circulation, maybe even after the clothing/ avatar has moved on to other things.

It would prefer(personally) to spend a little more on an item knowing I could transfer it when I am done. That way, I feel as though my little linden dollars are put to good use (LOL). As I move towards reducing my large inventory, most of which is clothing and shoes (no trans of course), I have become more relcutant to purchase new items (esp. higher priced ones) that are set to "no transfer." I hate tossing great items in the trash. It hurts just like it would in RL!

I want to commend you on saying yes to transfer! I appreciate designers that trust the consumer enough to do so and enjoy seeing their creations last cycles after they were originally released.

Toko Voom said...

I'm sooooo 50/50 on this!

I can see how it's easier for designers (to not worry about replacing lost stuff or refunding) and for those who like to have folders with outfits ready. (Love what * Illusions * does - you can buy ether transfer or copy!! I usually by both so i can still give one out and no transfer is good for when you using stuff as props not to loose them or destroy by moding them)

And I my self would love to have a chance to give stuff away pass it on and even may be put hands on discontinued stuff (if you go yard sale shopping). If it's like RL you should be able to transfer stuff!!

Very torn on this issue!!

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

My husband and I were discussing this just this morning as he was on a panel yesterday at Orange Island - the topic of the discussion was "interoperability" (sounds very buzzwordish imho). One of the questions were "What do we (we as in SL residents etc) lose if we go to a multiple grid system" and my husband answered in short form no copy items. I mean, in the end, permissions are going to be troublesome for the multi grid setup. (when I mean troublesome I mean, we are going to have to think of things differently) I said to my husband I wouldn't mind if my stuff were copy/trans and sold almost with a license agreement (which I think is the reality of SL permissions- but that's a personal belief...just to let you know) but we all know that SL is not a perfect world... that people take advantage of generosity and of copyright. So while my items are currently no copy/trans (because I love the idea of giving newbies stuff you don't wear anymore) I think I am going to move towards copy/no trans and a EULA almost (I am not sure what to call it) that allows users to take my items to alternative grids that are connected to the current Second Life grid. That may change- but for now I think I will allow users to take their items to another grid *IF* it is connected to the Second Life grid. (Which none are really- unless you work for IBM). I will also add that I will on a case by case basis work with users who currently wish to take my items to another grid (open sim, their own). They still have to respect my copyright... that's why it's case by case, I will evaluate the reputation of the person asking first.

I hope this makes sense- I know this is MORE than just copy/no copy this is what, I believe, we will have to think about in the future, more than just copy/no copy.

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

I forgot to add, I do (and it's stated in my store policy) trade my nocopy/trans item for copy/no trans. Just ask me. I can get it done easily. I also do replace no copy items that disappear. I'm not stupid, I'm the same girl who wrote a big complaint blog about inventory loss... I feel the pain too.

sorry to be so tl;dr :)

Ann Launay said...

If it has any prim parts at all, it needs to be copy. If it's purely texture layers, trans is fine.

Peter Stindberg said...

I love transferable items, because I love making gifts.

Grace Winnfield said...

I too allow people to trade their trans stuff for copy/mod no trans if they wish but i usually dont get many requests.... I wish i could have the option with everything i buy!

Ivey Deschanel said...

My business model when I first started designing was June Dion of Bare Rose who has always done mod/trans. I loved that I could gift outfits and give them away and it's my personal preference. I hardly ever put together full outfits and need to make copies of things, though I know some people do. I've also made it policy to help customers adjust items or replace things they may have inadvertantly damaged while modifying if they send the item back to me. I will also on request gladly give a mod/copy version of anything. As I said before...it's my personal preference.I spent last new years cleaning out my clogged inventory and winced every time I threw something in the trash that I'd spent good money on. Once I've purchased something, I think I should be able to give it away or resell it just like in real life, so I don't buy much thats no trans with the exception of skins, hair and poses.

Green Dream said...

Whenever I hear this issue, I always think of a certain vendor that has set up a system so you can pick copy/mod or mod/trans (except on the ears). I forget who actually designed this system, but it works fabulously for Siyu Suen of Illusions (it might have been Miriel). Sometimes, I want to give a gift; sometimes, I want to make sure I don't blunder a resize. Giving me the option to buy either allows me to have the cake and eat it, too.

Overall, my preference tends to be toward copy/mod because I like editing and personalizing. I tend to direct newbs to quality freebies through blog links and landmarks when possible, rather than searching through my 50,000+ inventory.

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