Oct 6, 2008

Visit Skin City!

Yesterday I went to a Hunt at Skin City, and what can i say. The Sim i really really nice =) Ina Centaur from IC- Skins did really an awesome job on building there.

You can find most of the big Skin Designers on SL there. Just to name some of them:

  • _AR Another Realism
  • Arrogant Lioness
  • BB31 Baskin Bobbins
  • Body Project
  • Chambre du Chocolat
  • Curious Kitties
  • Falln Angel
  • IC-Skins
  • Kitheres Industries
  • Mei Asian Skins
  • Rio
  • She Skins
  • Sin Skins
  • SL Shakespeare Company Style Shop
  • Soda
  • Soft Touch Skins
  • Starfuker Skins
  • Subaru
  • VIP - Sculpted Talking Faces
  • Wunderlich's
  • XTreme Reality

Many more to come, saw that one of the left shops is reserves for Minnu =o

Be sure to visit this sim and have a look around. Taxi to Skin City!


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