Nov 26, 2008

Swiss Media SIM is proud to present designer Samsara Nishi in her Fashion Show on Saturday November 27th at 12:00 pm SLT.

Come see the amazing new design from Sam's Secret Boutique along with her classicsincluding new outfits not presented at last week's show!  Samsara Nishi, who was SL-born in July 2007, has been creating her own fashion world since February 2008. She started creating clothes for herself, and she was so delighted with the virtual 3D design process that she decided to share it with others creating Sam's Secret Boutique.

Jewelery is sponsored by Alexandar Vargas. fine jewelry by Alexander.
Alexandar's designs are all prim jewelry - no texture shortcuts.  They are the finest quality to be found in SL.  He demonstrates the nuanced balance between elegance and simplicity.  A piece by Alexandar is an unique work of art.

After party to be held at The ScoutLounge hosted by DJ Lexx Runo.  Come for an afternoon of HOT fashions and HOT music!


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