Dec 10, 2008

Newness at Trix' or Treats!

It's time for new releases at Trix' Or Treats! Just in time for the holiday season, Trixi has provided us with an awesome selection of scarves, layerable tanks, and cozy legwarmers!

scarves are: yellow, purple, green, and brown/pink

The scarves are really lovely, providing a nice woven texture to make sure you feel nice and warm underneath. They also come in a variety of colors for creating your perfect look.

tanks are: coffee stained, hurt me effer, plain, and just another pointless skull shirt

Trixi's new tanks are also wonderfully textured, and come in all sorts of different styles. They're perfecting for layering under those new winter coats, or for wearing alone if you get a little hot.

legwarmers in: azure, earth, persian green, and violet

And last but certainly not least, these legwarmers are super awesome for pairing with your best sneakers or wintery boots. They come in several colors to mix and match with your new scarf!

Head over to Trix' or Treats and get some things to make your winter wardrobe scream cool.


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