Jan 5, 2009

BP* warm Hair!

I got this wonderful BP*straight hair with scarf!! Absolutely love them! not only saves you attachment spots but looks fabulous! Comes in many, many colors to choose from for scarf, and with resizing scrip making life easier for us!

I adore vintage dresses in RL!! And to find a perfect one is like winning a lottery! Shouldn't have any spots, smells, tears, and, and,.... and non of those itchy fabrics! SL™ makes it soo much easier for us! My new "will wear with everything" dress comes from GRANDMA -!store for all your vintage needs!

Hair: BP* - straight hair with scarf
Skin: Ma Peau Teapot Family! by Mijn Boa
Eyes: :bijou: - watering eyes [Basilico]
Jacket: **en Svale** - Pea Coat_Female
Dress: GRANDMA! - **P&P-romantic-onP
Tights: **en Svale** - Knit Pants(Light Gray)
Bag: SOREAL Bag V2 (SBB001)
Ear Muffs: Chapeau tres Mignon - Bunny Ear Muffs White
Boots: Nevermore Studios -Black Femme Cowboy Boots
Poses: *V* - Elle Poses


elka said...

Best. Outfit. Ever. It's so me, it's almost like looking into a mirror. Except I don't play SL anymore so I suck :( Anyways love and it you made me wanna log, ah! :3

Vain Inc. said...

Oh elka!!I still have your stuff, actually was trying some with this outfit!!! come at list once in a blue moon it's still fun here:) LOL

Dahlia Eilde said...

That hair is so fabulous, especially paired with that skin!

Great look <3

Toko Voom said...

TY Dahlia you are too sweet:) Hair is fabs! But girl anything you put together looks 100% better;)

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