Jan 8, 2009

Nadja´s Style -- The new Digit Darkes Skin

Digit Darkes have the new skinline "Undress" in her store!

The skin is developed 5 skin tones, with 13 makeups each, ranging from casual to wild to crazy.

My favorite Skintone is the powder tone. You can find eye make ups with smoky eyes, imaginative and classic eye make-ups. The lipstick colors vary from nude to deep red.
I love all the make ups but my favorite is the make-up "Kandy". Wonderful smoky eyes. It is my favorite in the Skintone Goth too. Absolutelystunning. The freather variants are very nice too. extravagate and exotic!

The body is pleasantly shaded. Collarbone and breasts are very beautifully worked.I like abdomen and back too. All in all, a very beautiful and extravagate skin. I was a big fan from the old sister skin from digit darkes and i can say i love the new one! Try it and pick the the demos!

Digit Darkes


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