Jan 16, 2009

New From Kuso!

Trixi Wuyts of Kuso was way nifty and sent me a few things yesterday for blogging. If you know me, you know I am not the best blogger, and I am usually not up to doing one most days. But I make a special exception for Trixi because, well...her things are awesome. I love her textures and shading, and there is never an icky seam to be found. So A+ I say.
This time she passed me some cozy boatneck sweaters, adorable polka dotted tanks, cool layered tanks, and some super sexy dresses. All the pieces have really good shading as mentioned before, and no bad seams to be seen. Everything Kuso offers comes in a variety of colors for your choosing and mixing and matching pleasure, so you can find something good for any casual look.

*Kuso* Boatneck Sweaters

*Kuso* Polka Dots Tanks

*Kuso* Double Tanks

*Kuso* Corsage Mini Dress

TP to *Kuso* here.


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