Feb 27, 2009

A day Late Blog

eeek wanted to post this one sooner but it's been in drafts:( Had to finish up on magazine (it's out btw Issue 19) And then TRUTH came out with New Hair!!! And I kind of got carried away heheheh Hair is fabs check it out if you haven't yet. So after not finishing up this post for close to 2 days here it finally sees the day light heheh no screen light :P
So for about EVER! I've been fan of CASHMERE I adore each and every dress i own from there. Shoes are group gift from Maitreya I'm not sure if they are still available but this pumps come in candy colors and i love there "no fus" design. I Find the Uber cute!
Chocolate bar is FREE! And Hair is by Aden I've been stuck (on purpose) in the Suri, style makes me feel cozy like you just rolled out of bed hehehe yet you look sexy.

Chocolate bar: SDSD
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps
Jacket: **en Svale** Pea Coat_Female(NV)
Hair:[Aden] Suri
BP* numery shopping bag


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