Feb 17, 2009

Dose Of Reallity - Alexander McQueen for Target

Alexander McQueen - for me one of the most talented and exciting designers! He is very out there with his vision and design.
And I knew in my life time I wouldn't be able to put my hands one of his creations. Well guess what? I was wrong!!! *bows to CEO of Target or who ever*

Target in collaboration with Alexander McQueen bring you greatest bargain of your life!
The collection is inspired by Leila Moss, the lead singer of Duke Spirit. So you in for rock 'n' roll
with hint of 80s look.
Even though My Personal craving isn't as satisfied with collection :(. I wanted more frills and lace LOL I will still be there as the doors open and grab couple pieces. It's history you have to have it!!!
Mark your calendars it's comes on March 4th and goes April 14th
And It will be available at Target.com.

Here are some picture to see more of collection go to Nylon


Mo Miasma said...

WOW! this is awsome Toko!

Green Dream said...

I'm not a big fan of the high waist, but the dress is cute, and I'd rather see people in this then a lot of the trash that's around.

On an interesting note, Paper Couture made a dress (and antler combo) similar to the first dress featured and I've seen those blue shoes about. (This isn't pointing out infringement or other issues, just thought it was cool.)

Toko Voom said...

Oh i understand Green. I personally don't mind if people bring reproductions to SL i know i won't have that in my RL closet so at list my AV would wear it:).
And yes i'm uber excited about this collaboration!

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