Feb 11, 2009

Jewelry for Valentines

For Valentines the gifts are as usually Perfumes (RL only but Hint: Avon has some of the best I own and with our poor economy some of the best prices), Chocolates, Lingerie , Puppies (if you want it to chew her fav shoes :p) and of course girls best friends!
And Girls if you don't have some one special to give it to you Here it is TADA! FREE AND F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S
Kiss 45. *Ticky Tacky* - It's a BIG Set! Earings, Necklace and more

More Lovely Jewelry in our February issue!


Ashleigh said...

My mom sold Avon, I used to always use Sweet Honesty. Now I like Smile, Extraordinary and my personal favorite from their .mark catalog... "Instant Vacation: Greek Isles"

Vain Inc. said...

I have about 3 from Avon and I Love them!!

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