May 9, 2009

My oh Soo not Nice Cousin

I'd take a good friend over relative LOL
My Cousin Mimi is in town and not only I have to teach her manners...
but to cover up sometime!!on Mimi:
Skin: ti'ko - may
Hair: Kin
Overall: Muism

on Toko:
Hair: 69 - Dearest
Skin: ti'ko - june
Shirt: :sey - SW Hawaii/C[Guys]
Shorts: COCO - Pumpkin (are this no mod????for real or it's just my pair?)
Shoes: SOREAL - superstar
Socks: :sey
Neckless: Naith Smit Design - Revolver
Makeup: from Kiko Life
Poses: *V*Poses


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