May 3, 2009

Nadja Style -- New Skin Candace from Genesis

Genesis has the new Skin Candace in her Shop ! And WOW it is a amazing work!
Candace comes in four tones: apple, apricot, peach and cocount (ranging from pale to dark tan).
The eyebrows are tintable. So it is possible to wear all kind of Hairtones

I wear on the first picture all 4 Skintones.

On the other picture i wear the beautiful skinton coconut. My favorite!

The MAKEUPs is released in groups of 8. The "Release Line", which will be the initial makeup line, is a lovely combination of spring inspired makeups and a couple of the classics.
My favorite makesup are Candace Coconut "Black Rose" and "Coconut "Redgrave".

I love the body from Candace. It is perfekt.
This skin is really a amazing work! Checkt it out! And get the demos !

You cn find a great free Candace skin in the group with a special glitter makeup!
i wear it on the last picture!

Shape: N.B.LOOK!


Anonymous said...

Hey!! That's my name both in SL and RL! :-)

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