Jun 10, 2009


OK, So i just had to do a post on Aoharu's new Luxury Line, it is filled with tons of amazing pieces and i couldn't help myself! When i tried on my Simple Long shirt i was in Awe... it is so well made and the sculpts fit Great, being that my shape is rather skinny, it is often hard to find sculpted clothing that doesn't require a bunch or resizing and manipulating to fit, but this jacket was no task.

This swimsuit is now my favorite and i will be wearing it Over and Over again, the detailing is awesome and I simply cant stress enough how talented of a designer Machang is, she keeps delivering us amazing quality clothing with a large variety of colors and options.Another thing i really love about the line is almost all the pieces are made so that you can mix and match them with other things this allows us to style and not just wear the clothing!

I <333> Hair- Secret-Light Blonde

Bow: (VW) Hair Bow-Blonde Tones

Shorts: Aoharu_BT_DenimShortsPants_LightBlue

Shirt: Aoharu_BT_SimpleLongShirt_Black

Swim Suit: Aoharu_BT_SpangleSImpleSwimSuit_Black

Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Silver Stud Pump (grey)

Kendall Freenote


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