Jun 6, 2009

Man I Love College!

As you may be able to tell from my enormous Grin, (so happy i brushed) i love this look! i was really inspired when i put on my stole from Ce cubic so i built my look from that, it was either golfer chic(*Fail*) or College student! I love how milk motion uses sculpts to add volume and structure to their clothes so their tank was just what i needed.Normally i hate socks with heels but i think it works well with this ensemble. Peace & <3

Socks:Free Boy next door Socks

Earings:T&C Heart Bead Earing (Burgandy)

Stole: !_Ce Cubic effect stole(red)

Tank:(Milk Motion) My Sailor Tank Black

Shorts: (Milk Motion)My Jean Shorts grey

Glasses:(VW) Retro Shades Plastic

Hair:(-N-) "Crave"- Warm sand

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingback

Notebook:KSU Kodiaks Notebook


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