Jun 24, 2009

One to many perhaps??

Every once in a while you find *that* dress.....that dress that just makes you want to dance. The Beadily dress by SUGARCUBE is my new party dress!
the length is perfect and the shape is fun yet classy. I could have easily over done this look by throwing on some tights or leggings or put something ridiculous in my hair, but i wanted to keep it simple and fun, besides, with detailing like this who needs extra opulence?

"Ill tell you when Ive had enough, thank you very much! (stumbles out the bar)"

Earings: T&C Tribal earings

Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - beadily dress (onixix)

Lashes: Lynnix's Lashes

Hair: Maitreya Bo - Natural Blond

Shoes: Slinky Stilettos - white

Necklace: Devon Aoki necklace

Clutch: GB

Kendall Freenote


Harlow said...

Love everything from head to toe!
Your accessories are perfect too or "on point" :p

preppygoesrock said...

i love the look and the lbd is just amazing on anyone!!!!
check out my blog

Kendall_freenote said...

aww thanks . yes lbd is always Amazing haha!! and i saw your blog <3 it already you have several of my favorite menswear shows on it <3 :)

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