Jun 11, 2009

Vain Inc. Deal = HourGlass Shapes

As a new member of the Vain, Inc. Plaza shops, I wanted to extend a thank you to the wonderful members of Vain, Inc. who have supported me so much in the past!

I've set all my new releases on the first floor (including my newest male shape!) to 100L. You MUST be wearing your Vain, Inc. group tag to receive the discounted price!

New release/sale items are:
-Bebae (Delilah) Female Shape
-Tuli (Faith) Female Shape
-Pididdle (Lien) Female Shape
-Rockberry (Uma) Female Shape
-Imagen (Ander) MALE Shape

When you right click the vendor, choose the "Pay" option, not the "BUY" option. The "Pay" option will be the only one that activates the script and gives you the price of 100L! If you buy it regularly, it will cost you 500L. You will not be refunded if you make this mistake-- sorry! Signs are placed around the store to remind you if you forget :)

The sale will run until Saturday evening at midnight, SLT! Happy shopping!


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