Jul 30, 2009

Dirty Pretty Things!

Finally, i havent really talked about this nor do i usually post anything about my own store or other stores, BUT My partner and crime: Harlow Rae & myself, have finally OPENED our FIRST MAIN STORE!!

wooo! So much work, still have little touches to do, BUT we <3 it and so has many close friends of ours, so thanks for all the support from our little fan base..since the store is fairly new & Most of all Thanks for visiting the vendor spots..now you have a place to find ALL Pretty Dirty Things Items!! [:

Dirty Pretty Things is based On Mix & Match clothing such as:

[x] Cute Dirty Tees<3

[x] Yummy Pretty Leggings<3

[x] Flashy Tanks<3

[x] Omgah Dirty Pretty Shapes<3

[x] Pretty Panties & Bras<3

[x] & many More soon to come, such as skins..etc.<3

[PS: All Leggings & Tees Look cute Even On Thicker Girls!! YAY!]

So come check Out the store! Dont forget to add it as a group for latest updates & freebies!

Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Viana%20Islands%20SSW/82/50/4001/

Fashion Always,
Kylie <3>


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