Jul 19, 2009

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington!

Vain Inc will be featured on Fabulous Fashion... Monday, July 20th at 6pm SLT! Angie Mornington was kind enough to invite us to tell her about our facet of the SL fashion industry. Some of Vain Inc fantastic staff will be on hand to model styles from designers they've featured in the July Issue.. Including, Nadja Baxter, Kendall Freenote, Jewell Munro, Jhuzen Ketsugo, and a guest model, Leila Carroll!

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington on Treet TV
Monday July 20th at 6pm SLT (PDT)

Monday on Fabulous Fashion:
The Business of Fashion: Fashion Blogging

This week Angie will host the first of an ongoing special series called The Business of Fashion. The fashion industry in SL is one of the most successful communities in Second Life. It is an industry that can be very lucrative, that can be full of unity and at times full of drama. It is a complex network of Designers, Models, agencies, magazines, and bloggers who represent all levels of the SL fashion industry.

The first special "Fashion Blogging", will take a look at the role that blogging plays in the fashion community.

Angie's guests are from three different blogs that represent three different perspectives in fashion:

*Tenshi Vielle, Editor of Shopping Cart Disco.
Love her or hate her, Tenshi's blog is one of the most popular blogs in SL. The SCD web site received over 70,000 hits last month alone, from readers who love to keep up with the latest in fashion gossip, controversy and news. Shopping Cart Disco has covered the good, the bad and the truly ugly.

*Kimberly Mirabeau, Editor-at-Large, Arts Editor and Model for Vain Inc.
Vain Magazine is a top fashion publication and Vain Inc. is a multifaceted business. The very talented Kimberly Mirabeau will be on hand to talk about what it takes to run a magazine in the fickle world of SL fashion, and how blogging is used as a saavy promotional tool for Vain.

*Dahlindah Destiny, Blogger for Free*Style
Dahlinda makes her second appearance on Fabulous Fashion, this time she will give her perspective on freebies and their place within the fashion community. Freebies are another ongoing hot topic in SL Fashion, and we will hear what Dahlindah has to say about them and about how popular the freebie blogging community is in SL.

**** In our accessories spotlight: Guest Stylist Kay Fairey****

Kay Fairey returns with some fantastic accessories! Evane Model Agency CEO and Senior Writer for BOSL, Kay bought us some wonderful finds for the Japanese special back in May, and it will be a true pleasure to see what she has in store for us this Monday!

Kay Fairey's blogs:

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