Jul 11, 2009

Paper Dolls Are Dressed To Kill

This week has been Very hectic!I have recently decided to Start my own collection,(i forgot how difficult but fun this is) and sadly haven't been able to do much blogging :(. But luckily i have found another great store to share with you called Paper.Doll. This store is very cute and i love it, One of my favorite things about P.D is their large variety of styles of clothing, often i find that stores in second stick to a specific theme of clothing ,but Zoey Gabardini(owner and designer of paper.doll) marches to the beat of her own drum, delivering us shoppers an eclectic assortment of beautiful fun clothes!

The first dress I'm wearing is the Paper Doll Purple Sequins Mini
The Second(my favorite!) is the Lace cocktail Dress
And the Last one is The Crochet Sundress

I suggest everyone stop by this store there is something for everyone.

Kendall Freenote


Nadia Denisse said...

got a taste incredible! paper.doll is a beautiful store! I bought the dress "Crochet Sundress" and am very satisfied!
I have a small shop, I am a designer and would like to know how the kiosk to get the magazine for my shop!
kiss to all

SweetCandy Magic

Kendall_freenote said...

Yay im am very pleased you like it, it is one of my favorite dresses for summer :), as far as a kiosk IM Toko Voom.

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