Jul 2, 2009

She Wore her City

As she fell to the ground she noticed a used newspaper and wrapped it around her waist as a skirt...
Noticing an old newsboy hat on top of a gutter she placed it over her now tangled golden locks.
Folded caution tape around her hips keeps her skirt up and add's color to her outfit.
She Hops into her limo and heads uptown to attend a dinner event.

Stop Sign :KF Stop Sign

Gloves: (BN) Blacknoir Gloves Black

Skirt: (BN) Blacknoir Notice Skirt

Hair: (CS) Jennifer Hair + hat

Tank: (pixelDolls) Little Black Flexidress Undershirt

Belt: *DPS Coat Belt ver2 (Modifed to be yellow)

Shoes: N- core Shark mag

Necklace: Saint Claw F *REDGRAVE*

Kendall Freenote


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