Jul 5, 2009

Vain Inc. Designer 101 With EMERY!

Hey! Kylie here and I’m here to give “You” Vain Inc. Blog readers a special Treat! I had an exclusive interview with Emery Designer Sunami Beck, and wow…I got some good feedback. So Check out the exclusive interview only here on Vain Inc. Designer 101!

Emery Interview:

1) What kind of style or look do you consider Emery [for the women’s clothing]? –Vain Inc.
Emery's fashion trademark is 80's, chic and glam. -sunami Beck

2) How did the store get its name? –Vain Inc.
We have a lifetime dedicated to music; even one of us is musician rl.
At that time we used to listen to new great bands, among them Emery. -sunami Beck

3) What kind of styles do you want to create for the future? –Vain Inc.
We have a big influence from Euro fashion but we also have our own style.
So it's a great combination and we always try to keep it fresh. -sunami Beck

4) When people, such has shoppers who come to Emery, What do you want them to think of it? [Using one word to describe it] –Vain Inc.
Rock! -sunami Beck

5) How do you come up with these great ideas, such as what color or style you want to go for? –Vain Inc.
We're trendy person’s obsessives about fashion rl, so we try to bring those ideas in here. -sunami Beck

6) What does Emery, as a business want to accomplish? What are your goals? – Vain Inc.
Hope we will continue to grow and improve ourselves to satisfy the men and women's needs about fashion. -sunami Beck

7) What is your favorite Second Life designer? –Vain Inc.
I feel a huge admiration for Onyx Leshelle, I must admit that there's nothing she has put out that I don't love, such as many other designers i think they are very talented and their innovations are distinguished like Paper Couture on their hand-drawn perfect thecnic, Minnu Palen at her high fashion skin lines, and so on. - sunami Beck

8) And Last! Can you tell us, Vain Inc. Readers, any special Emery secrets that might happen over the summer? Like any new shops being added around the region or free gifts coming? etc..? –Vain Inc.
We just opened a satellite store at the beautiful GLOOM! Fashion district which I can highly recommend to visit.
There will be a few more surprises in the upcoming days so keep one's ears open! -sunami Beck

Thanks so much to Emery for this 101 interview!
And you thought I was done, NOPE! Now check out what a fan/ customer says about Emery:

Interview with Emery Customer- A Shoppers Critic.

Kylie Wulluf: so what do you enjoy about Emery and the products they sell?

Trinity Lisle: excellent stuff very retro 80's style of clothes but with modern twist to it

Kylie Wulluf: I agree, it’s very trendy and very fashion forward! Can you tell me what you think about the new additions added upstairs?

Trinity Lisle: hmm well i havent bought any of them yet…i like the styles but seems to be a lot of grey. Also she seems to be going away from the 80s look to a diff style all together.

Kylie Wulluf: Do you like the Change in the Clothing style? [Old Emery clothes to now]

Trinity Lisle: yeah its good as long as she doesn’t completely change and has a mix of the clothes styles so it appeals to all tastes

Kylie Wulluf: If you had to rate Emery between 1-10, what number would you give it for originality & style?

Trinity Lisle: id give it a 10, for its very unique style and I havent found many shops that are unique in how their outfits mix and match

Kylie Wulluf: Yes, Emery is very great at that!
Kylie Wulluf: You, as a shopper, what would you like to see in the future from Emery? [Like dresses, etc...]

Trinity Lisle: definitely dresses..Retro quirky styles staying on the same sort of style/era she has been doing would be great..And maybe loose style tops etc..

Kylie Wulluf: Okay thanks Trinity, have an awesome shopping experience and don’t forget to check out Vain Inc!
Trinity Lisle: i will thx

So now you have it! A great short but, great interview with an Emery Designer & What “YOU” the fans and shoppers out there, think about Emery and the products being made. Hope you enjoyed my first post on Vain Inc. Designer 101!

slurl EMERY:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alajuela%201/221/161/24

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