Jul 24, 2009

Vain Inc. Designer 101 With FUSSY!

Hey! Kylie here and I’m here to give “You” Vain Inc. Blog readers Another delicious scoop on an amazing store and designer! I had an exclusive interview with Fussy Designer Satomi masukami, and OH BABY…I got some good feedback. So Check out the exclusive interview only here on Vain Inc. Designer 101!

1) What is FUSSY to you?-vain Inc.

FUSSY is my baby, my leisure activity and my on going project.- Satomi masukami

2) What is your favorite sl designer & why?-vain inc

My favourite SL designer is Nikki Clayton - MINX. Not that I ever told her. Back in 2006 she was my inspiration and quite an influence towards my business.- Satomi masukami

3) How did your store Fussy get started? (planned or not..etc..)-vain inc

Like most women, I love shoes. I own loads, but I always crave more. Second Life in 2006 was pretty dry in the footwear department, and my natural need for more than Nikki's shoes drove towards a head start for FUSSY. I had the ideas, the sketches and the prim manipulation skill.- Satomi masukami

4) What advice would you give to a shoe maker like yourself?-vain inc

Hmm.. Use your imagination :) Other than that, it's vital to decide whether you're going the "High Street" way, or staying the way you are, and creating what YOU love.- Satomi masukami

FUSSY does not have resellers, affiliates, large networks and we are not following the current fashion feed to ensure we're up to date. Instead, we enjoy creating what we love to SEE and WEAR! Whether it is surprising, with a twist of fetish, or oldskool :). I feel that this makes us a unique brand.- Satomi masukami

5) whats up and coming for Fussy?-vain inc

We like to surprise, and always deliver a satisfactory product and service. We're currently working on several high heel sandals and cannot wait to finish off to introduce them to the public :))0 Satomi masukami

6) As a designer who is your inspiration? (sl designer or rl Designer..)-vain inc

I was visiting Paris ages ago, and I stumbled upon a very odd looking shoe store down at Champs Elyees. They had the most amazing designs, and the highest heels. The funny thing is, they did not have a designer/name attached to it. I studied them for ages! The unique quality and style blew my mind.- Satomi masukami

I tried locating the shop last time I was there, unfortunately it's long gone. I know it sounds crazy but this is my greatest inspiration, and I don't even have a name attached to it :)- Satomi masukami

7) How did Fussy get its name?-vain inc

We are fussy about high heels and by bringing you Fussy products, we're hoping you love them too! That says it all :)- Satomi masukami

8) If you had to do it all over again, what would you change about your store? (location, what shoe came out first, etc..)-vain inc

I wouldn't change a thing, except perhaps the building itself (the current main store is my first SL building! lol). - Satomi masukami

I am happy with the way we started, and progressed through the years. I still tell my friends that a shoe designer cannot call themselves a *REAL* shoe designer in SL if they have not produced quality prim products. Sculpties are great, and they do require great skills (outside of SL). However prim is how SL started, and it was a completely new skill to adapt to. in my eyes, designers who mastered prims are heroes in SL.- Satomi masukami

9) what is the hardest thing about being an sl designer and selling your products?-vain inc

I wouldn't say competition, because it is the customer who chooses their favourites. However backstabbing competition and Theft of Virtual goods are huge issues in SL. It is very difficult to get over the fact that instead of enjoying your products, people want to steal them for profit, or alternatively spread dishonest facts to try and damage the business. I mean, this is Second Life, what's up with some people? Why do they come on and bring in the dishonesty and hate with them?- Satomi masukami

10) And Last! Are there any seceret info about upcomming locations or new freebies, anything, you would like to tell us vain inc. magazine & blog readers??-vain inc

Our Body Shop will be sliced by 50% in the near future. ShhhhH!
Also, if we do go ahead and rebuild the main store, we will be considering a grand opening sale.- Satomi masukami

Thanks to Fussy for taking the time to sit down and have a great interview, its an awesome shoe store and many wishes to their upcomming future products, heres the Slurl link, and go check it out!!! And OMG my next interview on Vain Inc. Designer 101 is gonna blow your mind, wooo!

Fussy Main Store- http://world.secondlife.com/place/309225f3-0b8c-c88a-0be1-bbe3991ea044

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