Jul 7, 2009

Vain Inc. Fashion 101 With Paper.doll!

Hey! Kylie here and I’m here to give “You” Vain Inc. Blog readers Another yummy scoop on an amazing store and designer! I had an exclusive interview with Paper.doll Designer Zoey Gabardini, and wow…I got some good feedback. So Check out the exclusive interview only here on Vain Inc. Designer 101!

1) Paper.doll is one of my favorite stores in Sl..I’m curious, whats yours?-Vain Inc.

Great question! I LOOOVE Curio.. the new skins there just blow my mind! I'm also a huge fan of *COCO*.. her sculpted clothing attachments are by far the best I’ve seen. For shoes I’m a big UBU fan (Urban Bomb Unit), as well as J's.- Zoey Gabardini

2) What kind of style do you think your clothing is?-Vain Inc.

Well it definitely changes! I try to keep the items in my store trendy and shopper friendly, but a lot of times my creations depend on my current style mood.. which changes day to day! But on average I’d say my personal clothing style tends to be on the "bohemian chic" side!- Zoey Gabardini

3) Why did you choose this style? –Vain Inc.

This all started because I wanted to create clothing that I wasn't finding in other second life brands. Most stores I find just don't fit my style perfectly so I decided to learn how to make things on my own!
- Zoey Gabardini

4) How did Paper.doll get its name?-Vain Inc.

I am the queen of picking horrible names for things! My store began under the name "Stuff".. simply because I couldn't think of anything at the time. When I first opened I was making more accessories, belts.. that sort of thing.. but as I evolved and began to learn more, the name "Stuff" just didn't seem to fit the direction the brand was heading in. As a little girl I LOOVED playing with paper dolls.. and I guess for me I felt we are all our own personal paper dolls here in second life!- Zoey Gabardini

5) What does your business want to accomplish by next year [2010]?- Vain Inc.

Honestly, I just want to improve. I try to not set myself up for disappointment.. and I'm genuinely happy as long as I know I’m trying my best, and improving in my skills. I'm working on my second line of skins right now, so I guess my ultimate goal is to conquer the skin world, which isn't easy to do!- Zoey Gabardini

6) Lets say, someone who totally never heard of your store before, and you had one word to describe it and its fashion to that person..what would that one word be? –Vain Inc.
Versatile!- Zoey Gabardini

7) Whats your next best thing to come? [like clothing styles, etc..]-Vain Inc.

I'm currently making some really cute and casual t-shirt dresses! I have a few done, and I’m working on a few more. And as I said above I’m also slowly working on a second line of skins!- Zoey Gabardini

8) If you had to give a new designer some advice when it comes to opening a store, what would you say to that designer? [ like advertise more, or create this or that..etc..something you learned and has improved your business..]-Vain Inc.

You've got to just put yourself out there. At first I was scared and intimidated. The thought of criticism just really scared me off. So you just have to go into it with thick skin, and realize that its not possible for every single person to love what you do. It will never happen! Take the criticism with a grain of salt and a smile, because usually the person criticizing you has a valid point.- Zoey Gabardini

9) And Last! Can you tell us, Vain Inc. Readers, any special Paper. doll secrets that might happen over the summer? Like any new shops being added around the region/sim or free gifts coming soon? etc..?-Vain Inc.

Well.. I’ve redone my store a few times, but I can tell you that the sim is being redone as we speak! We are taking our time with this remodel because we really want to get it perfect! So, I have no clue when it will be ready! But it will be amazing! And by the end of the summer I hope to finish my new line of skins, which "fingers crossed" I'm hoping will turn out as amazing as I picture them in my head!
- Zoey Gabardini

Thanks so much to Paper.doll for this 101 interview, Only on Vain Inc.!

[paper.doll] SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/ICON%20Lifestyle/165/203/31

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