Aug 2, 2009

The Alchemist

Hello readers! I know i have been gone forever from the blogging scene and presumed dead or kidnapped lol, but i am here to verify that i am very much alive!
I have been so busy with my store and many other things and haven't been able to blog, but I'm back and excited to talk about clothes again..

I was surfing fashion blogs and came across some pictures that really inspired my look.
i wanted to do a very smart sophisticated and overall, neat look. The first thing that came to mind was my armidi pinstriped blazer ( one of my favorite staples), i paired it with a really intricate hand drawn top from T.B that is a cardigan over a button down and white denim.
after i put this together i began to feel like a philosopher which is where my title comes in!
I think my style is going through a strange transition lately.. i have been desiring a more grown up, put together look! so I'm saying goodbye to a lot of trends.

Blazer: Armidi - (f) Classic Pinstripe Blazer khaki

Gloves: (BN) blacknoir Gloces BLACK

Jeans: G.L.A.M chalk jeans

Hair: Maitreya Zoe- natural blond

earring: Pididdle earring

Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bitch Bootie (BB Heel)

Glasses: Wasted Youth Yay Books Glasses

Shirt: T.B :: Tartan Cahones Blue

Kendall Freenote


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