Aug 22, 2009

Designer 101

Hey Vain INC. Blog readers, Kylie Wulluf here, and I had an exclusive interview with a cool new designer Chantal Soderstorm. Chantal is owner and designer of the new hit, trendy store: Electra Cute

So Check out the exclusive interview only here on Vain Inc. Designer 101!

Vain INC: Hey Chantal, kylie here from Vain you mind if i can get a quick interview on your new store that just opened?

Chantal Soderstrom: Nope not at all

Vain INC: So i recently notice in my artise creatif that your new store called Electra Cute just opened, Wanna tell "us" Vain INC. Readers what your store makes!?

Chantal Soderstrom: Well theres not many stores in Sl that have nice fashionable accessories ,necklaces, earrings etc that r also affordable. ElectraCute has cute accessories that are!

Vain INC.: I notice you said Not alot of stores in SL have fashionable accessories at a decent price, what other SL store (other then yours) do you feel inspired by or enjoy accessories wise?

Chantal Soderstrom: I really like realistic accessories, so ill have to say Armidi and *Miam Miam* (which isnt open anymore.. supports my point)

Vain INC.: yes i agree, i love both of those stores! I cant help but notice your pretty multi-color heart color necklace, its very cute...what is this item called and are your textures custome made?

Chantal Soderstrom: Oh thank you Kylie :D its called Color My Soul Necklace and yes they are.

Vain INC.: What is your favorite accessories that you make?

Chantal Soderstrom: I enjoyed making all of them but ill have to say the Electracute Bear Necklace because its so cute and was alot of fun to make

Vain INC.: What is The price zone throughout the entire store?

Chantal Soderstrom: 50L-200L

Vain INC.: Being an inspired new designer to the fashion scene, what plans do you have for the future?

Chantal Soderstrom: I hope to progress. Maybe move on to bags, scarves, etc.

Vain INC.: Lets say a bad critic hated your store and decided to blog about it, you as an designer, what would you like to say to those critics, and what would you like to say to your new fans of your store?

Chantal Soderstrom: Dont hate! ... Just kidding! Lol I'd say everyone has theyre own style. Some people may love it others may not .. its expected.

Vain INC.: And To Your Fans of the Store?

Chantal Soderstrom: And to my fans id say look out for more from ElectraCute and i appreciate the support.

Vain INC.: Whos your favorite Second Life Designer? (clothing, anything)

Chantal Soderstrom: Sunami Beck (: Just because ive supported Emery for a long time now and its amazing to see the process and i love the designs.

Vain INC.: How did you come up with your store's name?

Chantal Soderstrom: Lol A friend of mine said it and i thought it was cute. It also fits the image i want to portray.

Thanks so much for sitting down with me for this exclusive interview with Vain Inc. and now its time to end this interview, but Vain Inc. Readers do check out this new store, its afforable and its "cute", below is the slurl!

fashion always,



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